Corona medicine – Paxlovid should be available again from Monday


Especially during the Corona wave, the drug Paxlovid is currently not available in some regions (see video above). Health Minister Johannes Rauch (Greens) announced that this should change again from Monday at the latest.

From this moment on, the antiviral drug should be available nationwide in Austrian pharmacies. To this end, pharmacies must “from today distribute existing stocks in such a way that regional inequalities are compensated,” Rauch wrote on platform X on Saturday. He had held intensive discussions with the Chamber of Pharmacists. It was announced on Thursday that there were sufficient stocks and that work was underway to redistribute them in pharmacies. The medical association had spoken of a failure by the Minister of Health.

Here you can see Johannes Rauch’s tweet.

Paxlovid is a drug that can prevent the serious illness of Covid-19. It should be started soon after the first symptoms appear. Health Minister Rauch announced on Saturday that excess supplies from hospitals would be made available to pharmacies. High-risk patients would therefore “have quick access everywhere to this medicine, which effectively protects against serious corona diseases.” A new delivery is also expected to arrive in Austria in the next one to two weeks.

Bought another flu vaccine
The stock of flu vaccine has also been replenished. According to Rauch, a total of one million doses have been purchased for the public vaccination program. “According to our information, a third must still be in pharmacies and doctor’s practices. “Yet patients complain that there is no vaccine available,” says Rauch. “The federal government has purchased drugs with tens of millions of taxpayer dollars. The Chamber of Pharmacists, the Medical Association, pharmaceutical wholesalers and other partners must organize distribution and vaccination effectively. “I will make that very clear in the coming conversations,” the minister announced.

For him, the current regional bottlenecks are “unacceptable.” Neither the ministry nor the Chamber of Pharmacists has any information about stock levels in pharmacies.

Source: Krone


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