Annual overview CLUB 3 – “It will be a terrible election campaign!”


In today’s “Club 3”, opinion pollster Christoph Haselmayer, author Lena Schilling and head of Max Mahdalik discuss current political events. The show looks back on the past year.

“From a political point of view it was a disappointment,” says boss Max Mahdalik. “The political role models are becoming fewer and fewer; it would be enough if you were just honest,” Mahdalik said. 2024 will be the super election year. Before the National Council elections in September, the European Parliament will be elected in June, followed by state elections in Styria and Vorarlberg in the autumn. “It will be a terrible election campaign,” says pollster Christoph Haselmayer with certainty.

Watch the entire show above! You can watch “Club 3” every Tuesday at 10:15 PM on!

In “Club 3”, the editors-in-chief of “Krone”, “Kurier” & “profil” talk to guests from politics, business and the media.

Source: Krone


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