Junts and ERC separately amend the amnesty law to cover all terrorist crimes


PSOE, Sumar, ERC, EH Bildu and BNG agreed on nine technical amendments, while Junts distanced itself from the agreement and presented its own text.

Without an agreement with Junts, the socialist group Sumar, ERC, EH Bildu and BNG registered in Congress this Tuesday nine “technical” amendments to the proposed amnesty law to improve “non-essential aspects” of the law and, for example, For crimes against the international community, such as genocide, for example, cannot be granted amnesty.

Once the deadline for submitting amendments passed, these groups issued a statement insisting on the “tremendous legal soundness” of the proposal registered at the time by the PSOE, “fully adapted to our Constitution”, and laying down the improvements that have been implemented. They propose some amendments which, they emphasize, have also been worked on in other formations.

With their proposals, designed by lawyers from the parliamentary groups, they propose to exclude crimes against the international community from the amnesty, clearly delineating that all amnesty acts are events generated during the independence process, or the jurisdictional function of judges and magistrates strengthen the application of the standard, they explain.

For example, the bill granted amnesty for acts of negligence and criticism of authorities and government officials; Now “grievances” are being added and actions carried out through the media, the Internet and social networks, and in the context of “educational” activities are also included.

Junts stands out

For its part, JxCat has presented a series of amendments to the amnesty law so that it has “immediate effects” from its adoption and so that it also includes the cases of terrorism left out in the PSOE bill.

The amendments, registered on Tuesday alone by JxCat in the Congress of Deputies, aim to circumvent the procedures “in which, arbitrarily and unjustified, Catalan independents are investigated and prosecuted” for these crimes, i.e. the Tsunami case that still exists. at the National Court and in which the former president of the Generalitat Carles Puigdemont is accused.

On the other hand, Junts has tabled two technical amendments: one that extends the amnesty timeframe until November 2, 2011 and another that refers to the cases brought before the Court of Auditors, to “eliminate civil liability” and accountants. “

Source: EITB


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