Paul Lendvai shares: “Gusenbauer lost his moral compass”


Paul Lendvai shares: “Gusenbauer lost his moral compass”

Paul Lendvai (94!) has written his 21st book. This late work by the political chronicler is entitled ‘On hypocrisy – deceit and self-deception in politics’ and has a touch of old-age radicalism. The Austrian of choice spreads – from those who understand Stalin to those who understand Putin, from Viktor Orbán to Sebastian Kurz – in conversation also against the new scandal blossoms Alfred Gusenbauer and René Benko.

It is an unmasking of political actors and a settlement with their admirers, be it out of chilling naivety or cool calculation. The author does not mince words and calls ex-Chancellor Kurz a ‘man behind the mask’ or a ‘virtuoso of political hypocrisy’.

Source: Krone


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