Andueza would be “pleased” to receive “some support” but would not let EH Bildu sit in his government


The PSE-EE candidate for Lehendakari has admitted that he sees “scoring a Chivite” as an option. “If it is possible in Navarre, why won’t it be possible in Euskadi?” he asked. “Of course, with the PNV inside and with EH Bildu outside,” he repeated.

The general secretary of the PSE-EE and candidate for lehendakari, Eneko Andueza, was interviewed this Tuesday in the program “Boulevard” on Radio Euskadi. In view of the regional elections to be held this spring in Euskadi, has emphasized that the Socialists aim to lead a project ‘that will make Euskadi a country where you live much bettera government that focuses on provide solutions for the problems that citizens have.”

Confident he will keep his refusal to form a government with EH Bilduis not against receiving “any support” that makes his leadership possible. “However, I rule out that EH Bildu is part of that government,” he insisted.

Regarding the statements of the EH Bildu candidate: Otxandiano hair, who said he should rule the list with the most votes, seemed surprised. ‘They are trying to share power before citizens vote. The PSE-EE is the only party that does this proposals on the table“, added.

Despite this, he has admitted that he sees it as an option “score a Chivite”. “If it is possible in Navarra, why won’t it be possible in Euskadi?” he asked. ‘Of course with the PNV inside and with EH Bildu outhe repeated.

He also sees a hypothetical pact between EH Bildu and PNV as possible. Andueza is aware that “this threat exists” and does not rule out Imanol Pradales proposing a referendum. “Why not? He has declared himself independent. You will never see me in that equation in your life. “I will never pursue issues that go against progress, they are not at all among the priorities of the Socialist Party,” he said. underlined.

When asked what the PSE-EE will do to “really renew itself”, as they themselves announced, he acknowledged that it is not enough to present “new faces” and change the electoral lists. “We’re going to present one new projectthere will be a script change This implies changes in many issues that require renewal on the horizon. I am very concerned about emphasizing that,” he emphasizes.

In the interview, the PSE-EE candidate also wanted to clarify what issues EH Bildu should change so that in the future they could bring the positions closer together. “The first thing that separates us is the country project, because theirs is based on a plan that wants independence for Euskadi. From there we also disagree on the ways of governing and the Abertzale coalition has a current account which is the ethical issue.” As they make progress on all these issues, we will see over the years if we can get closer, but right now I don’t see much movement,” he concluded.

Source: EITB


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