EH Bildu would be the first force in Gipuzkoa


The Abertzale coalition would get 10 seats, the PNV 9, the PSE-EE 4, the PP 1 and Sumar would get its only representative in the whole of Euskadi in Gipuzkoa.

According to the EITB Focus election survey, EH Bildu would be the leading force in Gipuzkoa in the spring regional elections.

In concrete terms, the nationalist coalition would gain ten parliamentarians, one more than in 2020, allowing it to overtake the PNV in the area.

The Jeltzale formation would in turn lose one seat, to nine.

The PSE-EE would also grow, going from the current three to four representatives, while the PP would retain its current parliamentarian.

Finally, Sumar would gain its only seat in all of Euskadi in Gipuzkoa, and Podemos would receive no representation.

If Sumar and Podemos ultimately agreed to join a coalition, they would get two parliamentarians between them. In addition, the PNV would receive 8, instead of the initially planned 9.


Data sheet

1,800 people living in the BAC were interviewed to prepare the EITB Focus survey (600 in each historical area).

The fieldwork was conducted from January 24 to 29 through telephone interviews.

For more detailed information or other statistical aspects, see the full PDF of the study.

Source: EITB


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