As of this week, 633,000 people will receive a climate bonus for 2023


More than 8.4 million people have already received the 2023 climate bonus. The money will be paid out to another 633,000 people from Thursday. This includes newborns and people who have moved or have no permanent address.

For the majority, the money is paid directly into the account, others will receive the climate bonus by post as a voucher from March 4. This can be redeemed in thousands of stores in Austria or exchanged for cash. As before, no application needs to be submitted, the Ministry of Climate Protection announced in a press release on Wednesday.

The fixed amount is 110 euros. Depending on how well equipped the region you live in is with public transport, there is an additional regional fee of between 40 and 110 euros. There are four categories in total. Children and young people up to 18 years old receive half the amount.

Should redistribute the CO₂ tax
All people who had their main residence in Austria for at least six months in the past year are eligible, regardless of their citizenship. However, you must be in the country legally.

The climate bonus is intended to redistribute the revenue from the CO₂ tax. “Climate-damaging carbon dioxide has a price. This price must be paid by companies that produce or import fuels into Austria. The climate bonus serves to compensate for the additional costs resulting from CO₂ pricing and has been paid out once a year since 2022,” according to the website of the Austrian federal government.

The 2023 bonus has been transferred to 7.4 million people so far, and over a million people have received it as a voucher.

Source: Krone


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