High dependence: Russian gas will not run out until 2028


Vice Chancellor Werner Kogler (Greens) reveals that Russia’s gas dependence will last another four years. However, Minister of Climate Protection Leonore Gewessler (also Green) wants to accelerate the phase-out.

Nearly two years have passed since Russia began its war of aggression against Ukraine. However, OMV still diligently imports cheap gas from Russia to Austria.

Although gas consumption in Austria has fallen by 12.5 percent, gas imports have also fallen in absolute figures. But: at the end of 2023, between 76 and 90 percent of the gas used came from Russia. The rest comes from Norway and via LNG terminals.

Treaty with Russia is an “economic crime”
Energy Minister Leonore Gewessler (Greens) believes that the dependency is still too great. Today, Monday, she will again call on energy suppliers to find alternatives to cheap gas from Russia.

In the ‘Krone’ interview, Green Vice Chancellor Werner Kogler defines the policy goal: ‘What we have already achieved is to reduce the quantity purchased from Russia by 50 percent. The goal is to be fully independent by 2027/2028. And Chancellor Karl Nehammer is on board.”

Kogler describes the gas supply contract with Russia as “an economic crime”. He ensured that “dependence on Russia really increased after 2014.”

However, there is also some homework to do within the federal government. To diversify gas supplies, it would be important to resolve the bottleneck in the Mühlviertel in Upper Austria. It is an important strategic project. The second pipeline would allow more gas to flow from the West to the East if Russia ceases to be a supplier.

However, a “dispute between Gas Connect, E-Control and Verbund is causing a standstill” in the expansion of a second 40-kilometer gas pipeline, criticizes Neos energy spokeswoman Karin Doppelbauer. “The black-green government should have held the association accountable long ago and come to a decision,” the pink ones demand.

Source: Krone


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