According to the CIS, the PP could lose the absolute majority in Galicia, with the BNG behind it


The latest pre-election survey predicts a strong rise for Ana Pontón’s party, with an estimate of 24 to 31 seats, just seven short of the absolute majority. Rueda’s PP remains stagnant (34-38 representatives) without gaining a majority.

From the latest research from the Center for Sociological Research (CIS) before the elections in Galicia reflects a strong increase in BNG at the expense of the PSdeG-PSOE, while the PP by Alfonso Rueda It remains with the same deputies without guaranteeing the absolute majority it has in the Parliament of Galicia.

The CIS study, conducted between February 5 and 7, grants the PP between 34-38 seats; to the BNG between 24 and 31 seats and only seven of the absolute majority of the 38 representatives; while the Socialists are in a range of between 9 and 14 deputies, which would allow for an alternative majority on the left to that of the popular vote.

What stands out in the survey is the continued rise of the BNG – which has risen five seats in this latest survey and eight since the first one was conducted in January; the equally continuing decline of the PSdeG – which now loses one delegate and three compared to January – and the PP stagnationwhich has remained virtually unchanged since the first CIS survey.

This last sample is collected for the first time the possibility of Vox entering Parliament Galician with a representative, while Sumar would regain the seat he lost in the previous trial and Democracia Ourensana would keep the option of a representative.

The survey took place after the all-candidate election debate, but before the PP announced its position on conditional pardons for those persecuted by the PP. processes.

The research once again places the BNG candidate, Ana Ponton, as the top considered leader, after improving her average rating again (5.89 compared to 5.74 in the previous sample). Xunta president Alfonso Rueda is in second place, with a score of 5.29. The rest of the candidates (Besteiro from PSdeG or Marta Lois from Sumar) do not pass.

Source: EITB


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