European prosecutors in Brussels are suing Dolores Delgado over the transfer of Ayusha’s brother’s contract.


The European Prosecutor’s Office has decided to raise the executive of the society, Guardian Under the EU treaties, Spanish Attorney General Dolores Delgado refused to hand over the case to the Madrid public, which benefited Isabelle Diaz Ayuso’s brother. Thus, the European Commissioner for Justice, Didier Reynders, received a letter from the European Attorney General, Laura Codruta Keves, on the matter. “We will respond in due course,” community executive sources told

“Რa Guardian “The European Commission is responsible for checking whether the EU laws are being applied correctly and in a timely manner,” the European Public Prosecutor’s Office said in a letter to reinders. Accordingly, the European Public Prosecutor’s Office informed the European Commission of its concerns about the legal framework in which the European Public Prosecutor’s Office should operate in Spain, which led to the recent decision of the Spanish General Prosecutor’s Office to split its jurisdiction. Developments between the Anti-Corruption Prosecutor’s Office and the European Prosecutor’s Office. The European Prosecutor’s Office considers that this decision is not in line with EU law.

If the European Commission finds that a Member State does not comply with European law, it can open an infringement procedure which could eventually be brought before the Court of Justice of the European Union if the Member State does not comply with a previous request from Brussels.

European prosecutors on Wednesday issued a statement accusing the Spanish public ministry of abandoning an investigation into a mask contract in Madrid, for which Isabel Dias Ayuso’s brother charged the commission. The agency reprimands Dolores Delgado for making the decision without hearing from “biased” prosecutors and goes so far as to accuse the Spanish body of challenging the rule of law in the EU. Above national

The decision was not approved by the community body, which even offered to leave the case to the EU Court of Justice in Luxembourg for a final decision on the case. In the statement, the agency expressed “concern” and noted that the Attorney General was “biased” in the procedures, as he is the head of the prosecutor’s office, and at the same time, the decision was made “without hearing.” The two parties to the conflict of jurisdiction during the meeting of the prosecutors of the courtroom. ”

In addition to criticizing this body, Spanish regulations governing this procedure “do not promote any remedies” in this situation. The most serious accusation comes at the end of the statement: “This prevents the European Court of Justice from using its exclusive mandate to ensure the correct interpretation of EU law and is a challenge to the rule of law. EU.European Union “.

The European Commission, for its part, recalls that the European Public Prosecutor’s Office (EPPO) is a “completely independent body”.

While he avoids deciding on the details of any particular case, “which must be decided on the basis of the rules laid down by the European Prosecutor’s Office”, Brussels understands that “ultimately it will be a court of justice. The EU must decide and it must be. Allow pre-questions to reach the tribunal.

Brussels also argues that the European Commission is “fully committed to ensuring that all member states participating in the European Public Prosecutor’s Office. [como es el caso de España] To fulfill their obligations under the regulations and agreements of the organization. ”

The commission also said it was “closely monitoring the situation in all member states”.

Source: El Diario


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