A group of students expel Ortega Smith from Complutense University shouting “Fascists from the university!”


A group of young people gathered by anti-fascist organizations managed to avoid the event, to which Javier Ortega Smith, a member of Vox, was invited to attend the Faculty of Political Science and Sociology at the University of Complutense in Madrid. The event was canceled by the Dean of the Faculty the day before. However, Platform 711, which is organizing the event and is outside the university, and Ortega Smith warned that they would still attend the event.

More than 100 students were waiting for the politician and members of the platform to arrive at the gates of the faculty. They arranged to avoid the event. A Vox adviser arrived surrounded by dozens of people holding Spanish flags and chanting slogans against the students.

They also waited for 19 vans to form a cordon between political associates who did not belong to a faculty or university, and between political and other faculty and university students who had gathered to support the cause. They made their main demand and the placards read: “Fascists from the university.”

A group of university professors also took part in the protest. As they left the demonstration building, their students received applause and thanked them for coming and supporting them.

The meeting did not last more than half an hour. The latent tension in the environment evaporates after minutes. These two groups never came close.

Source: El Diario


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