EU election campaign – JVP stages Lopatka as Hercules in a comic strip


ÖVP-EU top candidate Reinhold Lopatka becomes Hercules – at least in a comic by the Young ÖVP (JVP). Ten photos show how the politician overcomes challenges such as corruption and bureaucracy. “Let’s put the bureaucracy monster to flight,” they say.

Controls at the EU’s external borders, local food and agricultural policy and economic opportunities are also discussed. “It tastes best at home! Protect our agriculture,” say JVP officials, for example, in the new comic. The accompanying image is reminiscent of the paradise story from the Bible: Hercules Lopatka holds a plate of golden apples, behind him are a snake on a tree, a globe and four people whose clothing is reminiscent of the past.

The EU’s leading candidate wears a cape, and in other photos he uses a euro disk to flee or fight. The short comic “The Herculean Tasks for Reinhold Lopatka” ends with a call to vote for the ÖVP in the EU elections on June 9. In addition, the top candidate must receive a preferential vote.

Distributed at events
The work will be distributed at events from next Friday, for example at the start of the EU election campaign in Oberwart in Burgenland.

A total of seven parties are participating in the elections – in addition to the ÖVP, the SPÖ, FPÖ, Greens, NEOS, the KPÖ and the DNA. In Austria, approximately 6.4 million people are eligible to vote. Voting cards can be requested until June 7 (in person, in writing until June 5).

Source: Krone


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