“Totally Missed” – Price Increase: Kogler Apologizes For “Hysteria”


After days of criticism, Vice Chancellor Werner Kogler (Greens) takes back the term ‘hysteria’ in connection with the inflation wave. The use of the word is “nonsensical because it expresses the wrong things,” he told the Federal Council on Thursday. He also assumes that a certain loss of wealth is “inevitable”.

Nearly six weeks ago, at the Upper Austrian state meeting of the Greens, Kogler accused the SPÖ, FPÖ and the tabloid press of “fueling hysteria” over inflation caused by Russia’s war on Ukraine.

This earned him a lot of swearing, especially from the Social Democrats and on social media, when he not only underestimated, but even downplayed the problem with such statements.

Kogler: Don’t shift the problem to the future
Now Kogler is rowing back himself: “In the heat of battle” he chose this “completely missed and wrong term”, Kogler declared in the Bundesrat. “Hysteria” has a “different meaning” than he thinks. What he means is that “not everything will work at once” of the measures demanded by many parties.

Because that would be “completely unfinanced” – and the problem with the “much more interest” that would have to be paid on the high debts would only shift to the future.

Loss of wealth probably inevitable
You have to “be honest” and say that with “effects like this, the message can’t be that everything can stay the same for everyone,” Kogler explained his intent. There will be a temporary loss of wealth, the question is how to distribute it – and Kogler is in favor of “who can carry more, must also carry more” and that the government will mainly help people with low incomes.

Inflation package is long in coming
The measures – tax or increase in assistance or a “mix” – are being negotiated, and a package will certainly be ready before the summer. Labor Minister Martin Kocher and Finance Minister Magnus Brunner (both ÖVP) would “work at full speed on the next relief steps,” Chancellor Nehammer said, but did not disclose details.

Source: Krone


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