Deceptive maneuvers – Army radios should be used as a PR stunt


The federal army receives new soldier radios worth five million euros. The first copies will be delivered to the troops next week. The whole thing was supposed to take place with a ceremony in the presence of Defense Minister Klaudia Tanner (ÖVP), but this turned out to be a fraud.

The devices are intended for the Jägerbataillon 25 in Klagenfurt. The ceremony should not take place there, but in Lower Austria, the minister’s home state. For this PR stunt, eight radio sets will be brought from Klagenfurt to Amstetten next Wednesday and handed over to the 12th Jäger Battalion.

For the ceremony, radio equipment is brought from Klagenfurt to Amstetten
After the ceremony they are neatly returned to Klagenfurt. This is evident from ministry documents available to the “Crown”. The responsible commander suspects that this deceptive maneuver will not go down well with the soldiers in Amstetten and urgently warns the cabinet about it.

“It should be politely pointed out that there may be a negative perception of this process, especially among the cadre of the 12th Jäger Battalion,” the responsible commander wrote. He proposes “moving the ceremony to Klagenfurt, since the equipment to be handed over by the Federal Minister will remain in the battalion after the ceremony” to prepare and carry out a planned exercise with 24 devices.

Both battalions belong to the 7th Brigade
Minister Tanner’s office defends the questionable approach. Both battalions belong to the 7th Brigade, so it does not matter where the transfer takes place. However, a special delegation of Carinthian soldiers is sent to receive the device.

Source: Krone


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