Reactions to the announcement of the reorganization of Osakidetza by Health Minister Gotzone Sagardui


EH Bildu, Elkarrekin Podemos-IU, PP Vasco and Vox believe that what is happening with the lack of primary care professionals is not new and that it is a response to a lack of foresight from the Ministry of Health.

Euskaraz irakurri: Oposizioak kritikatu egin du Sagarduik Osakidetza berrantolatzeko egindako iragarpena

EH Bildu, Elkarrekin Podemos-IU and the Basque PP have appeared in parliament to respond to Health Minister Gotzone Sagardui, who has stated that there will be a “cultural” change with “greater mobility” of citizens to receive certain treatments. and health care and a greater role for nursing and telecare in primary care.

the parliamentarian of EH PictureRebeca has assured Ubera that the announcement of Osakidetza’s reorganization is a “euphemism not to talk about dismantling the public system, austerity and privatization”.

Ubera has criticized what’s happening isn’t new, “it’s not something that came out of the blue.” In this sense, he stated that the Basque government is warning that “there is a lack of professionals, as if it were a coincidence, but that lack is the result of years of lack of planning,” he stated.

In addition, he has questioned whether “there really is a lack of professionals or whether they want us to believe that”, and has questioned the working conditions that Osakidetza offers the new generations. “We see that, because of the contract model being offered to them, many are opting for other public health systems or changing primary care for a different area,” he added.

Parliamentary Spokesperson for Elkarrekin Podemos-IULook Gorrotxategi, has made sure that the “privatization” of the Basque public health system cannot be “disguised under the euphemism of cultural change” and has censored that Health intends to “go to the Ayuso model”.

The representative of Elkarrekin Podemos-IU labeled these approaches “unfortunate” and assured that the “lack of foresight”, the “discontinuation of primary care”, the “discount of schedules”, the “lack of resources” and the ” service outsourcing” is not a “cultural change, but a political decision”. It’s the “PNV model,” he has criticized.

He has stated that the rescuer cannot “hide” behind the lack of doctors to talk about this change in model, because the lack of toilets is “a result of a lack of foresight”.

The general secretary of the Basque PPLaura Garrido, believes that Sagardui’s announcement “is the result of a structural problem discovered a long time ago and therefore a lack of foresight and absolute planning” on the part of the Basque government.

“The lack of doctors and health personnel in primary care is a response to a lack of accountability over many years, not at all like the counselor has been trying to sell us, and it’s a structural problem that was discovered a long time ago that we don’t care about. a solution has been found,” said the PP parliamentarian on Thursday.

Garrido has confirmed that “it is not rigorous or serious to offer completely improvised solutions that appear to come out of a hat, under the guise of an alleged cultural change”. “This announcement is a blow to the medical staff and an absolute lack of attention,” he added.

On the other hand, the parliamentarian of vox Amaia Martínez believes that the announcement “at an informal breakfast is again irresponsible on the part of legal counsel”.

According to Martínez, the lack of professionals is not new. Thus, he assured that the Basque government “did not take into account this circumstance, because they solved the problem by applying plasters, and now we find out that we do not have doctors”, he added.

“We see that doctors we train in Euskadi go abroad, where they are treated with great care and great care because of their merits and capacity,” he assured.

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Source: EITB


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