Main perpetrator on the run – jewelers gang investigated after brutal coup


A current example from Wiener Neustadt shows how important international exchange is for the work of the police: After a brutal attack, local investigators, in collaboration with colleagues from four other European countries, were able to investigate a three-man gang of robbers. Two suspects are in custody, but the main perpetrator (42) is not yet.

Shortly before Christmas 2020, three masked men stormed into a jewelry store in the middle of Wiener Neustadt. The robbers immediately punched and kicked the 57-year-old jeweler, dragged him to the back of the store and tied him with zip ties. Then the strangers fled with a safe, jewelry from the display cases, and six-digit cash. The seriously injured victim was able to drag himself into the entrance area, where he was noticed by a passerby. “The man is still suffering the psychological consequences today,” it is reported.

International participation in manhunt
The police launched extensive investigations with international participation. In exchange with the authorities in Spain, Italy, Germany and Romania, they tracked down an ex-prisoner (42) who had multiple criminal records. The Romanian is said to be responsible for robberies and property crimes in all countries mentioned. In his home country, he had spent 16 years behind bars for numerous violent crimes. He is also said to have emptied two tobacconists in Vienna. His whereabouts are unknown.

His two accomplices, two compatriots aged 42 and 43, were caught and taken to Austria. You already confessed to the coup in Wiener Neustadt.

Source: Krone


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