Fischler about the “Krone”: – “Chancellor should have fired Gewessler”


Fischler about the “Krone”: – “Chancellor should have fired Gewessler”

Former EU Commissioner Franz Fischler (ÖVP) finds clear words about the “yes to renaturation” of Green Environment Minister Leonore Gewessler. Chancellor Karl Nehammer should have dismissed the minister, he says in the ‘Krone’ podcast with Rainer Nowak.

“It’s exciting to see how this turns out,” former EU Commissioner Fischler explains in the “Krone” podcast “Super Election Year.” He believes there is little chance that there will be criminal consequences. But strictly speaking, this would have been the consistent position if the chancellor had fired the minister, Fischler said.

The ÖVP’s response with a complaint about abuse of office and an appeal for annulment of the regulation to the European Court of Justice was a “mixture of legal and political calculation”. On the one hand, the ÖVP wants to punish Gewessler, but at the same time does not want to run the risk of the coalition coming to an end. The question is whether anything substantive will happen in the next three months. A lot can be done.

“I am not a lawyer, but there are several arguments that the minister has not acted in accordance with the law.” Above all, the fact that she did not have permission from the states and did not reach an agreement with the other ministers.

Ex-commissioner criticizes EU draft
Fischler not only criticizes the behavior of Minister Gewessler, but also the renaturation ordinance itself. “I have a lot of problems with this bill. It is not well done and has outstanding ownership issues and financial implications.”

Rights in Europe “not as dangerous as they seem”
Fischler provides an interesting perspective on the outcome of the EU elections and the strengthening of the right-wing parties. “The right-wing and right-wing extremists in the European Parliament are only half as dangerous as they appear, because they are constantly arguing among themselves and are the only ones who do not have their own group, but three who regularly argue with each other.”

Source: Krone


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