With 62 out of 65 votes, Anderl is confirmed as chairman of the Chamber of Labor


With 62 out of 65 votes, Anderl is confirmed as chairman of the Chamber of Labor

Renate Anderl was confirmed as chairman of the Chamber of Labor on Tuesday. At the general meeting, 62 of the 65 eligible voters voted in favor, or 95.4 percent. In her inaugural speech, the 61-year-old addressed topics such as health and climate protection.

“Anyone who says there is no climate problem has probably slept in a cool box,” says Renate Anderl. She called the taxation of energy suppliers’ excess profits a success of the last period of the Chamber of Labor. The rent ceiling is not enough, but it is at least a small step forward.

Your FSG faction lost about three percentage points in the elections for the Chamber of Labor this year, but remained clearly the strongest party with 57 percent. Christian union members came in second with almost 17 percent. The Freedom Party rose from ten to about twelve percent.

Van der Bellen was guest of honor
In its next legislature until 2029, Anderl will be supported by four vice-presidents: Christian trade unionist and Tyrolean president Erwin Zangerl and four social democrats – Günther Goach (Carinthia), Josef Pesserl (Styria) and Markus Wieser (Lower Austria). ).

The guest of honor at Tuesday’s meeting in Vienna was Federal President Alexander Van der Bellen. “An Austria without the Labor Chamber would be a poorer Austria,” he said. The representation would stand up like lionesses for the rights of employees. The balance is good, and the functioning social partnership has also contributed to social peace in the country.

However, the government was not present; Minister of Labor and Economy Martin Kocher (ÖVP) canceled his participation as a representative of the supervisory authority.

Source: Krone


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