Podemos and Sumar accuse the PSOE of breaking the investment bloc after the agreement with PP to renew the CGPJ


Podemos and Sumar accuse the PSOE of breaking the investment bloc after the agreement with PP to renew the CGPJ

Belarra criticizes that Sánchez wants to open a new legislature based on a ‘grand coalition’ with the ‘people’. Errejón warns the PSOE that despite the CGPJ pact, the PP “is not reliable” and that the social agenda is coming out with the usual allies.

The leader of Podemos, Ione Belarrahas accused the PSOE of breaking with the investiture bloc majority after reaching an agreement with the PP on the renewal of the General Council for the Judiciary (CGPJ) and that its aim for the legislature is to create a “great coalition’ and even draw up the General Budgets together with the popular budgets.

In statements to the media in Congress, Belarra pointed out that the president himself, Pedro Sánchez, has stated that he aims to conclude more pacts with the PP, thereby providing “proof” that he “has a new partner in government and has just inaugurated a new legislature”.

He has even stated that it is no coincidence that the day after the conclusion of the agreement on the CGPJ this morning, the Minister of Finance, María Jesús Montero, opens the “starting signal” for the negotiations with the General Budgets, since What they do is because “they plan to eliminate them with the PP. “If not, I don’t understand the timing,” he added.

On his part, Sumar’s spokesperson in Congress said: Inigo Errejonhas advised the PSOE not to “deceive” itself after the “punctual” and “committed” agreement with the PP to unblock the General Council for the Judiciary, as the “populars” are not a “reliable partner” and must understand that they turn to the investiture bloc to approve social measures.

He has also emphasized that the renewal of the organization will be achieved without the PP giving in to its demand for judges to be ‘self-selected’, emphasizing that this is not in the pact, and has proclaimed that we must make progress in the democratization of the justice. , which should be done with regular partners and not with popular partners.

In statements to the media in Congress, he pointed out that yesterday it was possible for the PP to stop “kidnapping” the governing body of judges after five years of failure to comply with the Constitution, a “progress” that also made progress with his acceptance of an agreement that is ‘practically identical’ to the one he rejected in 2022 and without realizing his aim for the ‘judges to choose themselves’.

Source: EITB


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