ÖVP and Greens agree – state elections in Tyrol: fixed date on September 25


After the announced resignation of the Tyrolean governor Günther Platter, the ÖVP and the Greens were able to agree on early elections in the fall. The state elections will therefore take place on 25 September. The two club leaders Jakob Wolf (ÖVP) and Gebi Mair (Greens) announced this on Wednesday morning at a press conference in Innsbruck. There is also agreement on the upper limit for campaign costs.

Campaigning for three months instead of nine or ten: that is the main argument for bringing the state elections forward to the fall. But after Platter’s announced withdrawal, there was initially a tug-of-war between Black and Green over the date. One was elected to work, club president and top candidate Gebi Mair (Greens) spoke out against bringing the state elections forward and hinting at necessary measures against inflation, promoting the energy transition and issues such as party financing and cost caps for election campaigns.

Earliest possible date
But now we could agree: what the “Krone” had already learned on Wednesday morning was officially confirmed in the morning. Wolf and Mair announced at the press conference that they had agreed on the September 25 election date. The People’s Party had been in favor from the beginning of September 25 as this is the earliest possible date according to the deadline. Because the state election regulations stipulate that in the event of an early termination of the five-year period, the state parliament must decide on the self-dissolution three months before the elections. This deadline would be exceeded in the regular July state parliament, so it is necessary to convene a special state parliament next week.

The ÖVP could theoretically do that without the Greens, and it would also secure a two-thirds majority for the new election application.

Upper Election Campaign Cost Limit
Apparently Black and Green have also agreed on a campaign cost ceiling. This should be about 1.2 million euros.

Source: Krone


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