Hope is not enough – gas supply stop: chemical industry warns politicians


In the course of cuts in gas supplies from Russia, which also affect Austria, the chemical industry is calling on politicians to “extend preparations for an impending gas bottleneck”. There are no concrete plans on the part of politicians as to how the risks of a gas stop can be reduced or how the gas should be distributed in an emergency, the association said on Friday. More planning certainty for the production area is necessary.

The chance of a gas stop has increased considerably, according to the association, given the reduced deliveries from Russia in recent days. “The ability to plan is essential for companies to survive in crisis situations. The principle of hope that has hitherto been pursued by politicians is not enough,” said Hubert Culik, president of the Austrian Chemical Industry Association (FCIO), according to a broadcast.

Many EU countries are already working on such emergency plans. The chemical industry also offers its expertise “to minimize the effects of a gas stop on Austria”, says Culik.

No signs of a delivery stop in sight
The Ministry of Climate announced yesterday that it is monitoring the situation. However, there are currently no signs of a supply freeze. They are also in close contact with OMV. The oil and gas group said on Thursday that Russian supplier had informed Gazprom of a cut. However, the supply to the customers is guaranteed.

Gazprom had already cut gas supplies through Nord Stream for two days this week, citing delays in repairing gas compressors. In addition to Austria, Germany, Italy, France and the Czech Republic are also affected by the supply disruption. Gazprom boss Alexej Miller said there is no sign of a solution to the supply disruptions. Important spare parts for the repair of the gas compressors were missing, which Canada was unable to supply due to the existing sanctions against Russia.

Source: Krone


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