SPÖ party congress – Peter Kaiser re-elected as party chairman


Social issues and the wave of inflation took center stage at the state party conference of the Carinthian SPÖ. Provincial governor and party leader of the SPÖ Carinthia was re-elected as chairman of the Social Democrats in Carinthia.

Peter Kaiser was with 99.08 percent of the delegates vote at the state party conference of the Carinthian SPÖ re-elected as chairman of the state party. The two-day party conference, like Kaiser’s speech and the speech of SPÖ federal party leader Pamela Rendi-Wagner, was shaped by social issues related to price increases and inflation.

Hardly any national political issues
Surprisingly, Peter Kaiser also refrained from making overly detailed comments about state politics, only when he was specific: “We will fight for the airport!”

Source: Krone


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