Talk to Katia Wagner – “Red Chancellors have made us gas dependent”


A heated debate with Katia Wagner on about the recently presented anti-inflation package also discussed why prices are soaring. For Green Club chairman Sigrid Maurer, the dependence on Russian oil and gas is one of the reasons for inflation: “The previous governments under red chancellors have brought us there!”. Blue fellow discussion man Erwin Angerer sees the reason elsewhere: “The sanctions against Russia were wrong! The sanctions are less bad for Russia than for us.”

The club president and social spokesman of the ÖVP, August Wöginger, disagrees. The sanctions were needed “to put an aggressor like Putin in his place”. For him, the opposition’s criticism of the anti-price package is incomprehensible, because: “This is a very large aid package and the money goes where it is needed most”.

Loacker (NEOS): “Why does someone like me need 500 euros?”
The social spokesperson for NEOS also finds points in the package that he considers positive, but the distribution of the money bothers him: “The watering can distributes money, which is neither social nor ecological”. He also receives 500 euros from the shelter. He wonders: “Why do I need 500 euros?”. He also blames the government that the abolition of cold progression is only in the “announcement phase”.

Matznetter (SPÖ) demands the skimming of excess profits
The SPÖ’s economic spokesman, Christoph Matznetter, is even stricter on the package: “If someone is seriously ill, we need serious therapy and not just pain relief”. With the measures, the government would only hand out ‘helicopter money’ and hope for sympathy from the population. Matznetter would much rather cut fuel prices and taxes, but also skim off excess profits from corporations.

Greens want to talk about wealth and inheritance tax
Maurer (Greens) understands that it is the opposition’s job to criticize, but she would still argue “fact-free”. The anti-inflation package would relieve people across the board and promise quick help. The package also includes the exit from Russian gas from 2023. In the conversation with Katia Wagner, she also argues for a wealth and inheritance tax.

Angerer (FPÖ): Exit from Russian gas is “unrealistic dream scenario”
Erwin Angerer of the FPÖ sees an exit as an “unrealistic dream scenario”. In his eyes, this is “far from reality”. He also calls for a reduction in the tax on mineral oil and VAT on essential basic foodstuffs: “Why do you have to take money out of people’s pockets first and then redistribute it?”. He would not be softened by a tax on the rich. He demands, “Please no jealous discussion!”

Will Zwentendorf be reactivated next time?
There is one more controversial point: the price increases for district heating in Vienna. Matznetter (SPÖ) makes it clear: “Vienna works because we look at the people and not at the companies!”. There is laughter as to whether Zwentendorf should be the next to be put back into service after the coal-fired power station. Maurer argues that this is purely an emergency measure and says: “We Greens are determined to ensure that no one has to freeze in the winter!”.

The conversation with Katia Wagner can be seen every Wednesday at 8:15 pm on Vote and join the discussion!

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