The Basque Parliament rejects EH Bildu ‘s proposal to change the recruitment model in Osakidetza . to change


Finally, the House approved a compromise amendment with the support of the PNV, PSE-EE and PP-Ciudadanos. EH Bildu proposed a permanent contract for MIR professionals who have one agenda in primary care.

Euskaraz irakurri: Legebiltzarrak atzera bota du EH Bilduk Osakidetzaren kontratazio eredua aldatzeko egin duen proposamena

The Basque Parliament has rejected the proposal of the EH Bildu Parliamentary Group to cChange Osakidetza .’s contract modeland that the professionals who complete the MIR training are offered stable contracts, with terms comparable to the rest of the workforce, and that they have one agenda.

For example, the Basque Chamber has agreed to a amendment of the transaction with the support of the PNV, PSE-EE and PP-Ciudadanos and has rejected the initiative that has sparked the debate, a proposal not of law presented by EH Bildu “relating to the provision of stable, attractive and high-quality employment contracts for the entry of residents into the public health system of the CAV”.

In her speech, Rebeka Ubera criticized the policies of the Basque government in recent years, “which have not sufficiently met the future needs of society”. Ubera has acknowledged that “the Basque government does not bear 100% of the responsibility, but will have to recognize part of the responsibility.”

“What can you do?change the contract model, the Basque government can change it, the -current- contract model has generalized temporary employment and weakened the workforce. It has failed to make primary care attractive,” he explains.

Thus, EH Bildu’s proposal is that “residents who are completing their education” offer a permanent contract, with comparable vacation days, with the opportunity to participate in research to improve Osakidetza, and focused on primary care. Above all, they can working with one agendaso that they can get to know their patients.

In the same line it is shown Elkarrekin We can. Jon Hernandezemphasized in his speech that “it is necessary” overturn health policies“We don’t think Osakidetza is attractive enough for health professionals, they say.”

“Not all are salary conditions, they are also not ideal, there is also work pressure and the development of their own professional career,” he added.

Ekain Rico, of the socialist group, has emphasized that the “MIR loyalty data is just over 80%”, ie 8 out of 10 professionals who complete the MIR stay in Euskadi.

By the PNV, Estibaliz Larrauri has defended that the contracts made in Osakidetza”adapted to the regulationsregulations made as a result of Osakidetza’s agreements with the union side”.

“To a large extent they are long-term, with salaries that, along with Navarra, are the highest in the entire state, at a average 3000 euros base salary14 payments, and especially in the morning,” said Larrauri.

In this sense, Larrauri explained that “despite some vacancies that cannot be filled, there are not enough doctors in certain specialtiesit is not a specific problem of Osakidetza, it affects all autonomous communities, because of many circumstances that are from years ago.”

“Whoever completes the MIR has temporary contracts, fixity is only obtained with the OPE, equality, merit and ability. Within that temporality, Oskidetza tries to make it last as long as possible,” he assured.

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Source: EITB


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