The Basque Parliament rejects connecting the TAV to Navarre via the conventional rail line


EH Bildu took this initiative to the plenary, which has only had the support of Elkarrekin Podemos-IU. The approved text is the amendment of PNV and PSE-EE which has been given the abstention of PP+Cs and Vox.

Euskaraz irakurri: AHT Nafarroarekin lotzeko trenbide konbentzionala aprobetxatzea errefusatu du Eusko Legebiltzarrak

The Basque Parliament on Thursday rejected EH Bildu’s proposal that requested to promote the connection of the Basque Y to the Navarrese corridor via the conventional rail line that currently exists.

EH Bildu took this initiative to the plenary, which has only had the support of Elkarrekin Podemos-IU. The approved text is the amendment of the groups in government –PNV and PSE– which have received the abstention of PP+Cs and Vox, and the rejection of EH Bildu and E-Podemos.

In the debate, the MP from EH Picture Unai Fernández de Betoño has criticized the fact that the money invested by the Spanish government in the works of the TAV is no longer allocated to other infrastructures, such as those of Adif and Renfe which are “in disrepair” in Euskadi, defending its proposal to “modernize and improve” the conventional road, as it could reach 200 km/h, a “highly competitive” speed.

the parliamentarian of Elkarrekin Podemos-IU Iñigo Martínez has expressed his support for the EH Bildu initiative as he considers it necessary to “modify the existing track, improve capacity, performance and average speeds”, defending that this proposal is “better for the environment.” and more economical”.

the parliamentarian of GDP Elena Lete has criticized that EH Bildu’s proposal calls for “adjustment of the work done in the past 20 years” around High Speed, and has defended that any proposal regarding the TAV should be made “to protect the interests of Euskadi” and “not encourage the rail axis to be Zaragoza-Logroño-Burgos”. “They have not analyzed our needs,” he accused the coalition.

the parliamentarian of PSE-EE Susana Corcuera has defended her party’s position that there is a corridor connecting Pamplona to the high-speed Basque Y, clarifying EH Bildu that this is the “necessary updating of the current corridor, which is the government’s commitment.” central to the PGE 2022″.

the parliamentarian of PP+Cs Muriel Larrea has assured that, along with the People’s Party in the government of Spain, the high-speed project “had a project, budget and data”, but that “every year of the government of Sánchez is delayed by an extra year for the arrival of the AVE to Basque Country”.

Finally the parliamentarian of the extreme right party voxAmaia Martínez, has criticized EH Bildu’s “integral mentality” which is “against any trace of modernity”, defending the TAV as she believes it favors “greater ties with Spain”.

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Source: EITB


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