“Unity and Defense of Democracy”


“Unity and Defense of Democracy”

NATO Secretary General and Pedro Sánchez visited the Ifema facilities this morning, where the NATO summit will take place

Euskaraz irakurri: Goi-bileraren asmoa berretsi du Sanhezek: “Batasuna eta demokraziaren defentsa”

The President of the Government, Pedro Sanchezstressed this Tuesday the importance of the NATO summit to be held in Madrid, whose goal he said is “clear and resounding”: to deliver a message of unity, “of democracies coming together to defend democracy”.

Sánchez has those goals in a statement jointly with the Secretary General of NATOJens Stoltenberg, after their visit to the facilities of the summit to be held at the Ifema site.

In his statement, the President of the Spanish government insisted on the purpose of the Madrid meeting, which he recalled was the alliance top who will have more leaders.

“Its purpose is clear, resounding, to convey a message of unity, of democracies coming together to defend democracy, the values ​​that unite us, the values ​​of freedom, political plurality, respect for human rights and the defense of an international order based on rules,” he explained.

Sanchez thank you Stoltenberg for choosing Madrid before the summit and explained that it is very important for the country because the new Strategic Concept that will be approved therein and that will determine the action guidelines of the alliance for the next ten years, will bear the name of the capital of Spain .

He also stressed the relevance of this appointment, given the prospect of their joining the Alliance Sweden and Finland In this regard, he is convinced that if his creation was not possible now, “it will come eventually”.

For his part, Stoltenberg He thanked Sánchez for his “personal commitment to the transatlantic bond” and for the importance of “the unity of Europe and North America”.

In addition, he believed that the facilities prepared for the meeting of allied leaders in the Ifema pavilions are “beautiful” and an “ideal place to host a NATO summit”.

“The Madrid summit will be crucial,” Stoltenberg stressed, referring to the fact that the allies will give the green light to a new Strategic Concept that will guide their actions over the next decade, in “a more dangerous world”.

In the same way, he hopes that “progress” can be made in the integration process of Sweden and Finland, which Turkey is currently opposed to.

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