FPÖ with excitement poster – What kind of politics are “real families”?


The message on the new showcase poster seems clear: “Real family policy” – ie state funding – is only available to “real families” at the FPÖ. Photos of what such a thing looks like in the mind of LH Vice Manfred Haimbuchner are included. Well, the golden retriever is missing and daddy’s hair is way too long.

But jokingly, that sounds suspiciously like a possible (general) case of discrimination. In any case, for SPÖ politician Renate Heitz, it is an attempt by Haimbuchner to divert attention from current problems, such as the lack of support for the cost of living: “Haimbuchner wants to upset and distract with the poster. Of course he knows the exact numbers for Upper Austria and knows that only 4 out of 10 families look like the one in the photo He would rather spend more time and energy in his work than in photo shoots Fewer and fewer families know how to pay for everyday life, he is a complete failure as a family councilor, to date he has failed to raise financial support for more than 400,000 families in Upper Austria, while inflation continues to rise.”

“It ultimately shows an ideal image”
The FPÖ responded at a press conference as follows: “The photo subject was chosen deliberately. Ultimately, it shows an ideal image: the functioning partnership between man and woman as the simplest and therefore best basis for the well-being of the family and the child. Family is “the place where children grow up safe, protected and loved.” – and that is also possible with single parents, in patchwork, but also in children’s homes, according to the report. It was combined with an overview of family support in the country and the demand for tax relief.

Source: Krone


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