All parties in favour – advance army budget negotiations


The budget for the Austrian army must be increased. Negotiations are already well advanced, Defense Minister Klaudia Tanner (ÖVP) said. For example, the money should be used for modern weapons and equipment with which the soldiers can practice for possible missions.

“The army is an operational army and after years of providing aid and support services, it must again focus on its core military activity (…). The planned budget increase for our army, for which there is national solidarity from all parties, must therefore be implemented quickly Tanner said in a broadcast on Thursday. All documents are already available, negotiations within the coalition are well advanced and will be concluded on time.

Iron Ore Exercise
The last exercise at the Military Academy in Wiener Neustadt has been scheduled since Monday. More than 1,000 soldiers practice protecting and attacking in the greater Eisenerz (Styria) area. Other content includes open field shooting and digital support (personnel service). A total of 150 vehicles and ten aircraft and helicopters will be deployed for twelve days. “The military trade must be practiced. Only then can our soldiers fulfill their mission to protect our homeland”, Tanner is convinced.

Source: Krone


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