Chat as background? – Former MP Jenewein left the FPÖ


Former FPÖ MP Hans-Jörg Jenewein has reportedly left the FPÖ. The reason for this is likely a conflict in the party, informed circles said. Jenewein had also been criticized in the past for his contacts with former BVT employee Egisto Ott, who accused the investigators of leaking or selling information (which he vehemently denies).

However, it is unlikely that Jenewein’s party exit is causally related to the Ott cause, but rather to tensions within the party. There was also a search at Jenewein because of a suspected flow of information from Ott to the former liberal mandatary. The prosecutor’s office suspects that money would also have flown for information. Jenewein’s lawyer stated in February to the “ZiB 2” that Jenewein “in no case had ordered Ott to commit crimes”. He also stressed that there were “no cash flows” between Jenewein and Ott at any point.

What did Herbert Kickl know?
Recently, there has also been a stir over a telephone conversation apparently secretly recorded by Jenewein with party colleagues Markus Tschank and Markus Braun: This suggests that FPÖ leader Herbert Kickl was involved in the architecture of the party-affiliated associations, which the economic and corruption prosecutor’s office ( WKStA) appealed to the plan – we reported. They were in Kickl’s office in 2015, Tschank said in this phone call, Kickl also coined the name “Austria in Motion”.

The WKStA had already launched an investigation into the clubs following the Ibiza video – on suspicion of hidden party donations, some of which were blocked. It was recently found “for the use of funds by clubs for disloyalty”, according to the media, Tschank and three other former club officials are accused.

FPÖ declined to comment on the exit
Officially, the FPÖ declined to comment on Jenewein’s membership status on Thursday. An APA spokesperson said there was basically no information about membership status.

Anchored in the Vienna FPÖ, Jenewein was a member of the FPÖ National Council from July to October 2013 and from November 2017 to October 2019. From November 2010 to mid-2013 and between October 2013 and November 2017, he was a blue member of the Federal Council. Under the turquoise-blue federal government, he also acted as his party’s media spokesperson. Most recently he was responsible for the Ibiza U Committee as a parliamentary assistant.

Source: Krone


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