Party leader clueless? – FPÖ earthquake after showing, mistrust of Kickl


The FPÖ does not need the internal party scandal surrounding Herbert Kickl’s former confidant Hans-Jörg Jenewein a few weeks before the federal presidential elections – the mistrust runs deep…

He was considered Kickl’s man for the rough – after a draft (anonymously filed) complaint against former and current party members about misuse of funding was found on Hans-Jörg Jenewein’s cell phone during a raid for abuse of office and network treason. from an ex-BVT agent, but the FPÖ leader publicly distances himself from his former confidant.

Did Jenewein write the ad himself?
Because, according to the researchers in an explosive report to the public prosecutor for companies and corruption, “it is unrealistic that Jenewein did not write the complaint himself”. In addition, legal action has been taken against the former member of the National Council, who was employed by the PVV until his departure with a well-paid contract.

Unrest among the blue is great
But the countries’ mistrust of their club president, especially in Vienna, runs deep. Because the fact that the clever tactician Herbert Kickl, as he assures, knew nothing about all this, many do not believe him. The unrest after the internal party quake at the Blues is in any case great. Something that the FPÖ does not need at all a few weeks before the federal presidential elections.

There’s also an explosive detail: the disgraced man’s sister, Dagmar Belakowitsch, is the deputy to Kickl, number two of the Freedom Party. What can still give him sleepless nights: Jenewein’s confiscated mobile phone lies behind closed doors in the judiciary as a treasure trove as valuable as that of ex-BAG boss Thomas Schmid. And as is well known, his conversations led to the fall of Chancellor Sebastian Kurz…

Source: Krone


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