“Campaign populism” – Sachslehner criticism salvo on SPÖ: Doskozil counters


ÖVP Secretary General Laura Sachslehner fired another shot at the SPÖ on Wednesday. The favorite target this time was the governor of Burgenland, Hans Peter Doskozil. Party leader Pamela Rendi-Wagner should “slow down” this because of his push to abolish the Austrian health insurance fund (ÖGK).

However, nothing came from the SPÖ chairman, complained the general secretary of the ÖVP. But at least the red union “went up” and criticized Doskozil. Sachslehner sees ‘campaign populism’ as Doskozil proved with his Sager that he is in the municipal election campaign.

She also suspected that after the status of star witness for pollster Sabine Beinschab in the ÖVP survey affair, some in the SPÖ were now nervous. Finally, Beinschab determined “that the SPÖ was involved in poll manipulation” and that they had been pressured by employees of the SPÖ headquarters. In this regard, she mentioned, for example, Paul Pöchhacker, who was involved in the Silberstein affair in 2017 and now works at the Doskozil office, said Sachlsehner, who emphasized that the WKStA was investigating an initial suspicion.

But the city of Vienna, ruled by the SPÖ, got its fat again. Instead of suspending the valorization of the fees, they would be massively increased, Sachslehner criticized. The 92 percent increase in district heating prices will cause a “domino effect” in Vienna. In addition, Wien Energie, which is owned by the City of Vienna, is raising electricity and gas prices. With this, the SPÖ once again shows its “hypocrisy”. For the party leader’s demands against inflation at the federal level could be implemented long ago in Vienna.

Doskozil: “Look at the system without taboos”
Burgenland Governor Doskozil, on the other hand, defended his statements about the ÖGK on Wednesday: “Politicians don’t have to complain about dual medicine, we can change it. To get the discussion going, to get it going, you have to go to areas that hurt. to do.” The ÖGK has its historical significance, but times are changing. “We owe it to the population that we look at the system without taboo,” he said at a press conference on Wednesday. To resist this discussion or to say that he ” crossed a red line,” as he was told from within his own ranks, “That’s not my way of doing politics. I am not committed to officials, but to the people.”

The Burgenland SPÖ leader also defended himself against Sachslehner’s accusation that he campaigned with such statements, after all, mayors and city councils are elected in municipal elections and not in state politics. In terms of content, he again points out that, for example, hospital financing is becoming increasingly difficult, cash register positions in Burgenland cannot be filled and the state must help finance psychotherapists, for example: “Then there is something wrong in the system. It’s not enough to turn the adjusting screw, you have to ask the system question.”

“Helpless diversions” of the ÖVP, in turn, posted SPÖ federal manager Christian Deutsch: “For years, the ÖVP has abused the republic like a turquoise ATM and shamelessly stuffed its own pockets.” Instead of grotesque blows to the opposition, government should take measures against inflation, but ÖVP chancellor Karl Nehammer was “submerged,” Deutsch said.

Source: Krone


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