“Fighting Poverty” – Generational Conflict Over Money for Retirees


Due to inflation, the already scarce pension is no longer sufficient for many people. So there is an inflation correction in the room, but opinions differ: Secretary of State for Youth Claudia Plakolm (ÖVP) does not want full inflation compensation for pensioners. Your party colleague Korosec is against it.

There were clear words from the ÖVP youth secretary of state towards pensioners. An adjustment in the value of the pensions is fine for Claudia Plakolm, but it cannot be ten percent, as the pension association SPÖ demands. “I know that makes you not particularly popular as a politician: but not everyone can get more money from the state,” says Plakolm.

Retirees are often at risk of poverty
However, the state secretary of the ÖVP seems to have overlooked a detail: her party colleague Ingrid Korosec, chairman of the Austrian senior citizens’ association, also called for “full compensation for inflation” at the end of July. Has Plakolm now unnecessarily opened a summer debate? Korosec shows understanding for the concerns of young people, only she objects: “What we do is fight poverty, because the average pension is 1,400 euros.”

Korosec admonishes young people
To compensate for inflation, Korosec can “imagine a package of measures” – but it is clear that full compensation has to come. Korosec also has a clear message for young people: “Pensions are an insurance benefit – many retirees have been paying for 45 years. If 49 percent of women work part-time and young people start working later, it turns out that they have not thought much about retirement.”

Source: Krone


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