New wave of violence leaves 11 dead in Mexico


A dispute between two rival gangs at a prison in Ciudad Juárez later spilled over into the streets, where nine “innocents” were killed, including another journalist.

Mexico experienced another wave of violence this Thursday, this time in Ciudad Juárez. Eleven people were killed and several businesses were burned. What started as a brawl between rival gangs in a prison later moved to the streets of this town on the border with El Paso, Texas, where nine “innocent” civilians were killed.

It all started within the walls of the Social Reintegration Center (Cereso) number 3 in Ciudad Juárez, in the state of Chihuahua. Several members of ‘Los Chapos’ attacked rival gang members of ‘Los Mexicles’. “Los Chapos” is a gang associated with the all-powerful Sinaloa cartel, once controlled by Joaquín “Chapo” Guzmán, who is now serving a life sentence in the United States. The inmates shot at each other inside the prison, killing two inmates – it is unknown if they belonged to either of the two groups in question – and wounding another 20, according to Undersecretary of Security Ricardo Mejía.

After the authorities managed to put down the uprising, members of ‘Los Mexicles’ moved the dispute to the streets of Ciudad Juárez, a municipality of 1.5 million inhabitants. “Innocent civilians were attacked as a kind of retaliation,” lamented the country’s president Andrés Manuel López Obrador.

The criminals unleashed terror. Two women were killed and another person was injured in an attack on a supermarket, which was later set on fire along with another shop.

Hours later, gunmen killed four people in the middle of the street. It was the announcer of a local radio named Alan González and three other station employees. They were broadcasting a live show for a pizzeria when they were murdered in cold blood. So far this year, 13 journalists have been murdered in Mexico so far, according to balance sheets prepared by associations defending press freedom.

There were three more murders, but authorities gave no details about their circumstances. Six people were arrested for this new wave of violence.

Several parts of the city were deserted and some universities are suspending classes. Chihuahua’s business association demanded that the government “take firm action” against organized crime.

Source: La Verdad


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