Sex attack in Tyrol – another cyclist groped at the handlebars of the motorcycle


The sex offender who sexually assaulted two cyclists in Tyrol on August 1 may have struck again. On Thursday, another cyclist was groped by an unknown motorcyclist. The police are asking for information.

Just a week ago, two women in Hart im Zillertal and in Schwaz were sexually harassed on bike paths by a passing motorcyclist. “They were touched on the buttocks and chest,” the director said. The motorcyclist was riding a racing motorcycle without a license plate.

The same man may have touched a cyclist in Buch in Tyrol on Thursday and then fled. The incident happened on Rotholzer Landesstraße around 1:15 PM. “An immediate search was negative,” the researchers said.

Police ask for information
This time, the stranger with a white race bike with red and black stripes would have been wearing a white leather suit with a darkened visor. “Everything is tuned with the engine,” the police explained.

Source: Krone


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