Pellegrini: “Let’s see how it ends”


Manuel Pellegrini confirmed this Thursday in a press conference that he recovered from Canales, Victor Ruiz and Sabaly for Friday’s game against Osasuna and the five players are not yet registered –Luis Henrique, Willian Jose, Joaquin, Guardado and Claudio Bravo– They will be included in the call, waiting to finally hear from some of them about the registration issue.

About Manuel Pellegrini He launched a truthful speech, in which he admitted the serious difficulties of the club to register all its football players. “More than optimistic, we have to be realistic. Those who are not registered, we are in the same situation. Let’s see if there is anything new here until tomorrow. They will all be summoned because they want to be with their colleagues. . If they are registered, then they will be available because they have trained normally all week”, explained the Chilean coach, making sure that “it is not easy to find the culprits and why the events happened. They know about the I think that the club all possible efforts to resolve the situation, which has dragged on for a long time”.

“I hope these situations do not arise again and you have to find a solution on both sides. That the players are not discouraged. I emphasize the attitude of those who are not registered for the call-up without knowing if they will play or not. I personally did not give any list to see who will sign up first or later. The more expensive ones are more expensive to include and we are trying to do it in the best possible way. We will see how it goes will end”, Pellegrini continued to explain.

The coach of Betis was asked about the possible arrival of reinforcements at the last minute, something he hardly ignores, since no important transfer can be made to balance the accounts due to the low offers that came to the club for the players of its football despite the good campaigns made. “Fortunately, this group responded in full. We have players who have shown how important they are on the pitch, what other institutions think about them I don’t know. I would love to have the most important players come, but being realistic. If we can’t sign up five players, the less we can bring in good players,” the Chilean said.

Source: La Verdad


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