Marco Asensio, goodbye or bring him back for the goal


Carlo Ancelotti everyone was surprised when he revealed that in Istanbul Marco Asensio he is looking for a way out of Real Madrid. Something that, on the other hand, is known, but no one from Real Madrid has said it clearly. The truth is that the Majorcan player’s situation is complicated within Real Madrid. On the one hand, the club will not cause problems with his departure. Of course, if a good offer comes along which, at the moment, there isn’t. On the other hand, the player is not very clear about leaving Real Madrid, though heal, his agent, still looking for a destination. So far, no success. The Premier and Serie A are the leagues with the most sound to host Marco Asensio, but the truth is that the interest of the teams does not go beyond that.

Marco Asensio He wants to have some minutes to play in the World Cup and he knows that at Real Madrid he won’t get it. At least the ones he likes. He has one year left on his contract and can be free in June 2023. It is a possibility that the player is inevitable and that does not please Real Madrid, who want to enter a sum of around 30 million for him this summer .

Carlo Ancelotti is waiting to see what will happen to Marco Asensio. The player is not a starter for him and he has players ahead of him at his position. Therefore, the Italian will fully understand his departure. But that doesn’t mean he won’t hope if he stays in the end. Carlo Ancelotti knows that this season will be different because of the World Cup in the middle of the season. The presence of Marco Asensio is another asset for Ancelotti in front of rotations and therefore, if the Balearic stays at Real Madrid, the Italian will rely on him. Not as a starter, but he’ll give him more minutes than he has right now.

Against this background, it is Marco Asensio must decide whether to stay at Real Madrid to restore the current situation or go to another team looking for minutes that will bring him closer to the World Cup.

Source: La Verdad


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