The lions suffered their first defeat of the summer against Real


Yesterday, Real Sociedad imposed its superiority against Athletic in the semifinal of the EH Kopa played in Tolosa with a good start in the Berazubi stands. The Donostiarras defeated a team from Bilbao 3-1 that did not stop trying despite being behind on the scoreboard. For the first time in the twelve editions of this tournament, the lions were left out of the final.

The Donostiarra squad led the scoreboard at the first change. Colombian international Vanegas took advantage of a rebound in the Bilbao area to beat Quiñones from the ground in the 12th minute of the game. The red and white goalkeeper stopped Jensen from scoring the second goal of the afternoon moments later. Oihane muna and Azkona would have their options to equalize before the break after a first half in which Real were superior.

Upon returning from the locker room, as happened in the first half, Natalia Arroyo’s players were more plugged in. Jensen also took advantage of the situation to beat Quiñones in the 53rd minute.

Soon, however, Azkona capitalized on Nevado’s shot from the left to close the gap. The Navarran striker himself, after some dangerous actions by the Donostiarras, tied his boots, but his shot just hit the post. Shock, in any case, is more open. Azkona had another chance to score on the tables, but the Real goalkeeper won the one-on-one duel.

Athletic were better in the final stages of the match, but could not draw. Nerea Eizagirre, however, sentenced the derby by completing a counterattack and establishing the final 3-1. The lions will compete on Saturday against Eibar in the battle for third and fourth place in this EH Kopa.




true: Santana, Allegra (Etxezarreta, min. 63), Specht, Vanegas, Bernabé (Iraia, min. 63), Maddi (I. Arnaiz, min. 46), Amaiur, Gaby (Aparicio, min. 78), Gemma (N Sarriegi, min.78), N. Eizagirre and Jensen (Cecilia, min.63).
TheAthletic: Quinones; Oihane, Valdezate, Garazi, Nerea Nevado; Itxaso, Mariana (Estefa, min. 81), Jone Amezaga (Landaluze, min. 72); Azkona, Arana (Eunate, min. 30) and Peke (Sara Ortega, min. 46).

the objectives: 1-0 Vanegas (m.12); 2-0 Jensen (m.53); 2-1 Azkona (m.58); 3-1 N.Eizagirre (m.83).
Thereferee: Cuesta Arribas (Galicia). Yellow in the garage.

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Source: La Verdad


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