Jorge Vilda, “hurt” at his players: “Football codes have been broken”


“We never asked for the coach’s resignation,” said Irene Paredes, first captain of a now divided dressing room

Women’s national football coach Jorge Vilda, whose players have unsuccessfully demanded to resign from their positions, acknowledged on Thursday that he felt “hurtted by the way the internationals acted” and assured that he would be “with more vigor and desire “I have a feeling of disappointment, because the codes of football, of the locker room, have been broken. What happens in the locker room stays in the locker room,” said Vilda. , who assured that from now on both he and his coaching staff will be “very alert to see which players believe in this work and defend the shirt one hundred percent”.

After stressing that during the two weeks of preparation for the European Championship last July “the climate was extraordinary” in the national team, Vilda admitted for the first time that “the atmosphere could have changed slightly” during the championship in which Spain reached the quarter-finals end. “There has always been a dialogue with the players and it has worked very well up until the European Championship,” he revealed, without wanting to reveal why the players have demanded his departure. “Many things have been said that are lies. In the same way, the situation from the outside is not the same as that from the inside. There is no climate of normality, but it is not as much as there are sales,” said the coach.

However, the captains of a now divided dressing room believe that Vilda does not have the capacity to squeeze out all the team’s achievements and make Spain champions, although they assured they did not ask for her resignation “at any point”. “We just passed on the players’ feelings to Jorge and the Federation. There are times when things have to be said, even when they are not pleasant, so that they change, and we as captains are what we have handed over. The group told me that we want to improve as a team because we are a super ambitious team, we want to win and there are certain internal aspects that need to be changed. We know there will be adjustments and we will try to change the situation so that the team improves,” said Irene Paredes during a press conference after the coaching session at the Ciudad del Fútbol in Las Rozas.

“It’s a general malaise of the team. What we think is that we have a group that can win big titles perfectly and with what we’ve been through in the European Championship, we’re getting this message across because we really believe we can win something important Patri Guijarro added. “I am the first to criticize myself and think that this team should have made it to the quarter-finals,” said Jorge Vilda. “The work could of course be better, but I am not to blame for the mistakes that are said,” defended the coach, for whom “the team is missing a step to become champions” and wants “players who are 100 percent involved and convinced of what it is being done» “Let no one doubt the professionalism of this team”, launched Irene Paredes, accused of being the leader of the riots against Vilda.

“Within a group someone has to speak and I am the first captain, but things have been said that are not true. A lot of false news, so we have decided to go out and show our faces and put an end to the rumours,” added the Barcelona footballer along with Patri Gujarro and Jenni Hermoso. Vilda was also very angry about the news. leaks to the press. “They are unpleasant and make the atmosphere rare,” lamented the Madrid coach. “What hurt me the most is the way things were done. We could have acted differently and that’s why I feel a certain disappointment, but I’m a person who gets through almost anything and lets me go up with more strength,” Vilda insisted. “I feel very strong for the team, which has earned the respect of the whole world, and for the support of our president and the support I have received from all areas,” added the women’s coach, with whom Spain has already joined qualified for the next World Cup of the year.

Source: La Verdad


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