Independiente del Valle makes life difficult with a defeat against Deportivo Cuenca


The defending champion Valley Independent, lost for the second game in a row and it was complicated on Saturday in its desire to win the second stage after losing 2-1 against Deportivo Cuenca and two points behind Aucas, which can extend its advantage tomorrow against Universidad Católica in Ecuador.

The Independent of the Valley suffered a reverse in their attempts to grab the lead to continue bidding for the ticket to the second stage, after losing 2-1 in their visit to Deportivo Cuenca.

Although, independent he was first with midfielder Fernando Gaibor’s score, in the 19th minute, his goalkeeper, Moisés Ramírez, again failed to take care of his team’s goal and left easy control of the ball so that Argentine defender Bruno Duarte scored , who converted the tie, in minute 49 .

The Independent can’t recover to a mistake by his goalkeeper, and the rival attacked with greater pressure until Vilinton Branda, in a quick counterattack, made it possible for Argentine Lucas Mancinelli to score the winning goal that gave Deportivo Cuenca the hopes of trying to win the second period, in the 62nd minute.

The winner of the first stage, Barcelonalost 2-1 in their visit to Gualaceo, and cut their chances of winning the second leg to a minimum and claiming the current season’s title outright.

midfielder Henry Patta advanced to Gualaceo, in minute 45 + 7 and Diego Ávila, in minute 90 + 1 converted the goals of Gualaceo, while John Jairo Cifuente discounted in minute 89, so Barcelona was left with 13 units .

In its part, Guayaquil City tied 1-1 with 9 de Octubre, who made the debut of Spanish coach David Dóniga Lara, in his desire to improve and get out of last place in the table accumulated over two periods.

the attacker Adolfo Munoz He scored the goal for the city team, in minute 34, and midfielder Renny Jaramillo reached the equalizer for October 9, in minute 90+3.

The tie also complicated the Guayaquil Citywhich moved further from the qualifying zone for the 2023 South American Cup, as it remained with 26 units, against the 36 of Deportivo Cuenca, which is in seventh place, with 33 points.

The ninth date will continue this Sunday with the parties: Catholic University-Aucas; Quito-Orense League; Macará-Mushuc Runa and ends next Monday with the clash between Delfín and University Technician

Source: La Verdad


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