Lazio explodes against referees


The Latiumthrough an official statement signed by Marco Gabriele, a former Serie A collegiate who is currently in the management team of the Roman entity, is heavily charged against arbitration of his fight against Naples in the Italian capital, played on Saturday and ended with a 1-2 Neapolitan victory.

Gabriele, after congratulating Napoli, stressed that “in the result there is phases relative to the direction of encounter. As decided by not calling a penalty for an elbow on Lazzari; in these cases the VAR could help, but the referee chose not to even go in front of the monitor. belts, I would have seen a ‘solar’ penalty”with an underlined graphic.

Later he ensured that with the goal of binding Naples there was a Luis Alberto is missing on his goalscoring striker score: “What is the use of technology? if not to avoid this kind of mistake?”, he asked himself.

And he also teaches theconcentration of cards for a few minutes, when the team was trying to equalize”. And he concluded by claiming “attention and consistency in decision making taken off the ground, to protect the credibility of the championship itself.”

Source: La Verdad


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