Nadal – Tiafoe, live | The US Open round of 16 tennis match, live today


3-5 | Very good
Rafe climbing the net, which also found a ball of
Tiafoe that played on the tape. 40-30.

3-5 | cross rest of
Tiafoe which did not reach
nadal. He was at his sweetest. 30 both.

3-5 | He left the right for
Tiafoe. 30-15.

3-5 | 15 equaled the scoreboard, after an electric start to the game.

US OPEN 2022 🏆 | First set | 3-5 | Game on for Frances Tiafoe! Powerfully serve and win the right to sign the service break.

3-4| direct kick for
Tiafoethe tenth ‘winner’ of the match.

3-4| Error of the American, which was carried in his sight but the ball of
nadal ended up going in. It’s the same again on the scoreboard.

3-4| Serving and wonderful crossed backhand is the one that left us
Tiafoewhich again has an advantage in the game.

3-4| And it came again
nadal! got on the net
Tiafoe and saw how Nadal hit him. Return 40 equivalents.

3-4| Direct kick for
Tiafoe! Advantage for the American, which could be 2 games up.

3-4| Brainy
nadal! He guessed the address, and using a balloon, he pressed on
Tiafoe to give him a point. 40 both.

3-4| The beauty of the winning right of
Tiafoe now, left with no options to
nadal. 30-40.

3-4| deep kick of
Tiafoewhich culminated in the drawing of a ‘winner’ to place 30 equals.

3-4| Take a break from the network
nadal, on what was the local tennis player’s second serve. 30-15.

3-4| Drop the dot on the side of the
nadalafter being very aggressive and forcing the mistake
Tiafoe. 30-0.

3-4| ball in the net
Tiafoe, to an incredible scream from both released the unthinkable. 15-0.

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US OPEN 2022 🏆 | First set | 3-4| Game on for Frances Tiafoe! The American broke Nadal’s serve, after competing one-on-one in a game with a good exchange of blows.

3-3 | Still holding
Tiafoewhich now forced the mistake of
nadal in his opposite. 30-40.

3-3 | ball in the net
Tiafoe, after an intense exchange of blows between the two. 30 both.

3-3 | For very little left of
nadal to defend yourself in everything. 15-30.

3-3 | The tape sent the ball
nadal the hall. 0-30.

3-3 | first point for
Tiafoe, after the manacorí service. 0-15.

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US OPEN 2022 🏆 | First set | 2-2 | Game on for Frances Tiafoe! He played it with a wonderful second serve, which led to him taking the game after advantage.

3-2 | And now the rest of the
nadal he extended after another big shot from the American.

3-2 | direct break of
nadalwith a wonderful backhand cross that he missed
Tiafoe. 40 both.

3-2 | The Spaniards hit him, after what seemed like a strange bounce. 30-40.

3-2 | played it this time
nadal, with a winning comeback that took some time. 30-30.

3-2 | what is a parallel of
Rafael Nadal! Three in a row right to find the definitive ‘winner’. 30-15.

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3-2 | direct kick for
Frances Tiafoe. 15-15.

3-2 | Couldn’t control the ball well.
Tiafoeafter the great recession of
Rafe. 15-0.

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US OPEN 2022 🏆 | First set | 3-2 | Game on for Rafa Nadal! The one from Manacor is playing very solidly, dominating from the serve.

2-2 | It escaped him again
nadal. 40-30.

2-2 | Again good first serve
Rafe, very open, which set him back two game balls. 40-15.

2-2 | great service from
Tiafoe reduce without reaching the net. 30-15.

2-2 | The cut ball went too far
nadalto put 15 equal.

2-2 | did not arrive
Tiafoe in great contrast to
nadal. 15-0.

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US OPEN 2022 🏆 | First set | 2-2 | Game on for Frances Tiafoe! Based on a good service, the American kept his service.

2-1 | And again another direct serve. What power does the American have from the service. 30-40.

2-1 | He couldn’t hold back the energy and
Tiafoe he sent an easy ball to the net, to put 30 even.

2-1 | He bounced the ball at the wrong time and
nadal he was sent under the track. 15-30.

2-1 | Howitzer
Tiafoe from direct service to place 15 of a kind.

2-1 | Stratospheric remainder of
nadal! How Rafa raised his hand, beating a
Tiafoe it’s on the net. 15-0.

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US OPEN 2022 🏆 | First set | 2-1 | Game on for Rafa Nadal! Ball in the corridor of Tiafoe, who defended himself as best he could from the excellent service of manacorí.

1-1 | cheated again
nadal a
Tiafoe with the direction of hitting to have two game balls. 40-15.

1-1 | Volleyball in the net
Tiafoe. 30-15.

1-1 | Winning right to
nadal! He forced the bad rest of the American and punished him with a big ball stuck in the corridor. 30-0.

1-1 | Lost the rest of the
Tiafoewho does damage on his second serve.

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US OPEN 2022 🏆 | First set | 1-1 | Game on for Frances Tiafoe! Three unforced errors give the American tennis player the option to keep his serve.

1-0 | Second mistake by manacorí, who again sends the ball to the back of the court. 0-40.

1-0 | The rest of the network remains intact

1-0 | long right of
Rafewhich means the first point for
Tiafoe in this second game.

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US OPEN 2022 🏆 | First set | 1-0 | Game on for Rafa Nadal! Poor return from Tiafoe, who wasn’t expecting such a strong second serve.

0-0 | The ball went into the corridor
Tiafoe, after an intense exchange of blows between the two. 40-30.

0-0 | And now the double sin committed by
nadalwhich allows to reach 30 equal to

0-0 | The auction took a long time
nadal. 30-15.

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0-0 | Ace for
nadal! The Spaniards did not get off to a bad start in his service. 30-0.

0-0 | Back to the net of the local tennis player, first point for

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🎾 Serve Nadal!

Get the two tennis players ready!

jump on the track
France Tiafoe Y
Rafael Nadal.

📰 | Frances Tiafoe threatening Rafa Nadal

nadal warns about the danger of an explosive player, who grew up at home, who makes up and loves the show. “He plays with a lot of passion, a lot of energy. He’s very fast. He can play very aggressively. He’s a player that I can’t beat if I don’t play, so I have to play well”, assessed Manacorí.

The elimination of
Daniel Medvedev in the Australian’s round of 16
Nick Kyrgios has placed at stake the candidacy for the first place in the world tennis ranking. And it is that mathematically there are three players that can leave
US Open as table leaders:
Rafael Nadal,
Carlos Alcaraz Y
Casper Ruud.

If Alcaraz and Ruud do not win the championship, the number one will go to the number three now, Nadal, for the first time since January 2020. The Spaniard appears to be, in fact, as the head of the live ranking that continues to be mother -updated, without waiting for the publication of
ATP of every Monday.

nadal come to full growth by its second week
US Open, when it becomes more dangerous and ‘clutch’. The Spanish southpaw lost
Rinky Hijikata in the first round, yes
Fabio Fogni Y
Richard Gasquet in the third.

For your part
Tiafoe beat the Argentine
Diego Schwartzman in the third round (7-6, 6-4, 6-4), the Australian
Jason Kübler in the second (7-6, 7-5, 7-6) and his compatriot
Mark Giron in the first (7-6, 6-4, 6-3).


The first round of matches started at
6:00 p.mand despite a small rain delay, it was resolved quickly and shortly after
8:00 p.m we will enjoy this match.

The meeting will be seen by
eurosport and by
Eurosport playerchannels and platforms broadcasting the
US Open in
Spain. You can follow all the information about the match live on the website of
World of sports.


Good afternoon! Welcome and welcome to coverage, live, of this round of 16 match of
US Open 2022 wherein
Rafael Nadal face off against
Frances Tiafoe. A priori, the match is expected to start around 8:00 pm, after
Pegula that started with
6:00 p.m but it had to be delayed for a few minutes due to rain.
Let’s get started!

Source: La Verdad


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