Verstappen’s biggest challenge: Going for an incredible Schumacher record


Max Verstappen is heading towards the speed of light towards the title. with his red bullfrom the past Hungarian GP, has three consecutive races showing tremendous excellence. Thanks for the best impulse to build the red bull before the second part of the championship, the successful association formed by the reigning world champion and his impressive RB18 they allow you to take a serious look at a very complicated historical record set by Michael Schumacher in his 2004 feat at the wheel of his Ferrari F2004.

In these last three races, the team of Milton Keynes and Max They managed to finish the previous tonic. ferrari is superior to the maximum downforce track, while the red bull he is a favorite on top-speed tracks. Max is superior to Belgium and proved its superior performance on the straight and on pure power tracks. But the most surprising thing was to see how easily he was overcome Ferrari in Hungary Y Zandvoortmouse tracks. This is how he will deal with the last 7 dates after 4 consecutive victories and has the option of not only achieving his second title, something that is taken for granted, but achieving it by beating Michael’s records from 2004.

Three from the pure record

In 15 races held so far, Max Verstappen has added 10 wins, an atrocity. In this way, He is just 3 away from the all-time record for most victories in a single year achieved by Schumacher in 2004 and copied by Sebastian Vettel in 2013.

6 out of 7 that exceeded a unique winning percentage

however, Michael Schumacher did it in just 18 races. So, 13 wins in those 18 appointments means that the German won the 72.22% of the total number of events held in the same year. That percentage will be Verstappen’s hardest to beat, but given his car’s current efficiency, he can’t be ruled out.

To improve on that percentage of 72.22%, the 24-year-old pilot (September 30, 1997, Hasselt, Belgium) must win at least 6 of the 7 races remaining between now and the end of the course, starting at Monza this weekendwhere due to his enormous top speed in the straight he was the clear home favourite ferrari.

If Max wins 6 of the last 7 races left for the end of the championship, he will add 16 wins to 22 appointments, which means a percentage of wins on the same course of 72.72% of the total races. He can add to that record if he wins them all, with 17 wins from 22 attempts in 2022 (77.27%).

Statistics of the most wins per year


1. Michael Schumacher (2004) 13/18 – 72.22%

2. Sebastian Vettel (2013) 13/19 – 68.42%

3. Michael Schumacher (2002) 11/17 – 64.71%

4. Sebastian Vettel (2011) 11/19 – 57.89%

5. Lewis Hamilton (2014) 11/19 – 57.89%

6. Lewis Hamilton (2018) 11/21 – 52.38%

7. Lewis Hamilton (2019) 11/21 – 52.38%

8. Lewis Hamilton (2020) 11/17 – 64.71%

9. Lewis Hamilton (2015) 10/19 – 52.63%

10. Lewis Hamilton (2016) 10/21 – 47.62%

11. Max Verstappen (2021) 10/22 – 45.45%

12. Max Verstappen (2022) 10/15 – 66.67%

Hamilton failed to dominate with his Mercedes

The records that the current champion can achieve this season are remarkable, because Lewis Hamiltonwith a Mercedes far higher from 2014 to 2020, he managed to reach a maximum of 11 wins in the same year in 2014, 2018, 2019 and 2020 despite the fact that in 2017 he did not have much competition in his same team with Valtteri Bottas of the partner.

It speaks volumes Maxworst of a ‘Czech’ Perez that the course started very well but as the car was developed, it seemed that the single-seater drifted further away from the Mexican driving style. It also doesn’t say anything good about the current campaign ferrariwhich in some cases gave up the gains that were within their reach due to reliability problems, errors in strategy or failures in stops.

Source: La Verdad


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