A pipe in stage fright


Aihenbesieged by such a jackal Casemiro almost at the lime line, he decided to save the situation by throwing a pipe on his back, along Riquelme. Pacheco ate in a legend like Cristiano Ronaldo with absolute naturalness. Merino put calm, sanity; Silvamagic and hut, the springs of inspiration to reach the goal in minutes of frenzy and dominance of Real in the second half. The group of Imanol He didn’t play a round game, he suffered at the beginning when it came to building with local pressure, but he knew how to manage the times, contain a very strong rival, kill when he could and then let the time pass . That is called competitive maturity. This is why going to Europe every year, with a rival like United less impressive and a stage like Old Trafford, far from causing so-called ‘stage fright’, brings out the best in every player . By the time the 2013 Real descended from the cloud of the ‘Teatro de los Sueños’, a goal had already been scored against. Nothing like having experience, nothing like enjoying the stability provided by a figure like sa Imanol. As a coach, he made a very good strategy in the match to win it and faced it bravely -this time he didn’t cheat in the press conference-, with some pieces like Pacheco barely used to dating. As a fan, I’d rather be in the visitors’ stands than on the pitch when the final whistle is called. You just have to see him. Play again from the cloud to go to the Coliseum ring.

Source: La Verdad


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