The LPFF will act against Franco, Rubiales and Medina


The Professional Women’s Soccer League (LPFF) will act forcefully when referees and assistants do not show up on the first day of the new women’s professional league this Saturday. From the legal services of the female employer they study the actions they will take. And it affects all the actors involved: CSD, RFEF and Technical Committee of Referees.

Regarding the Secretary of State for Sports, José Manuel Franco, while from the LFPP they understand that he can stop himself by not encouraging college members to go to the fields. Yesterday afternoon the employers sent a letter to the CSD requesting its greater intervention when it takes care of the women’s professional competition in its first three years.

Both the CSD and the RFEF, the CTA, its president Luis Medina Cantalejo and the referees as well as the assistants, will have to respond to the damages caused by its non-handling. Both for the economic damage (travel of the teams, hotels, opening of the stadiums, the eight mobile units and the personnel hired for the television broadcast) as well as the damage caused by the image due to the impossibility of playing the historic premiere of the competition.

And then there is the disciplinary path that includes the RFEF itself. The LPFF and the clubs plan to report the absence of referees and assistants to the Competition Committee, which consists of three members: one from the RFEF, one from the LPFF and another appointed this Friday by the CSD.

A complaint that will force the opening of an extraordinary file and the corresponding appointment of an investigating judge. A complaint that, as this newspaper has learned, will request the disqualification of both members of the college, assistants and the president of the arbitration establishment, Luis Medina Cantalejo.

As already explained by MD, they can all be exposed to article 66 of the Disciplinary Code which speaks of very serious notorious and public acts that affect the dignity and sporting decorum which says the following: “Those who commit notorious and public acts that affect Sports dignity or decency, when they are particularly serious, or repetition of serious offenses of this kind, will be fined between 3,006 and 30,051 euros and one or more of the following penalties: Disqualification from holding positions in the federative organization, or suspension or removal of the license, for a period of two to five years.

In the same text he mentions total disqualification in case of recidivism:

“The removal of the license, certainly, this type of punishment can only be imposed exceptionally for recidivism in very serious violations.” It can be considered if they maintain this attitude next weekend on the second day.

In the case of this consideration being serious, they will be exposed to “fines in the amount of 602 to 3,006 euros, disqualification or suspension for one month to two years.” The LPFF will take action against everyone who realizes that they are to blame for this situation that happened today.

Source: La Verdad


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