Alonso: “I had problems throughout the race


Reliability problems with his Alpine cost him many points in the first races of the championship and he reached Monza after completing a great streak of 10 consecutive points scoring races. But that streak was broken by another breakdown. The Asturian driver had to retire on lap 32 when he was fighting for seventh place to gain a handful of points. The pilot quickly realized that something was wrong and alerted his wall, who told him that everything was going right, to which the Spaniard was surprised, and time proved him right.

“Are we having a problem with the power delivery?”asked the Spaniard at the start of the race. “we don’t see” answered his engineer. “Wow”he answered in surprise. But finally, the team will call him to the pit to end his career.

“I had some kind of energy problem with the engine throughout the race, it cut out early in the directions and it was difficult to maintain a fight,” said Fernando after the race.

“They have cleaned the car, I don’t know what the exact problem is, it seems to be with the engine as well, but I hope it is not too damaged or something to be used in other races as well,” said the Spaniard. Fernando Alonso was among the drivers who could have been penalized for changing the engine, but ended up running with a propellant that could have caused the problem.

“Fernando retired with a suspected water pressure issue. The team will further investigate the cause after the race,” the team said via social media, but will need to do a more in-depth analysis of the car.

Source: La Verdad


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