Arda: “With Atleti we won the hardest LaLiga in history and I cried a lot for Lisbon”


Arda: “With Atleti we won the hardest LaLiga in history and I cried a lot for Lisbon”

Turkish soccer player burn Turan, former player Atletico Madridamong other teams, announced on Monday his retirement from professional football in a video published on social networks and reviews his career.

Turan, born in Istanbul 35 years ago, he grew up in the sports academy of Galatasaraythe same club where he ended his career after passing through love it turkish, the AthleticThe Barcelona and the Basaksehiralso from Istanbul.

In his video he highlighted the influence of Galatasaray and especially that of the legendary coach Fatih Terim about his career, but also reviews his time in Spain.

“He wants to go abroad to earn money. Athletic He signed me even though he was injured and couldn’t play. They had a great year. In the first season with Athletic we won the cup UEFA” the player recalls in the video.

He was saying that when he started living Madrid he received “a lot of advice”, such as some who suggested he live “like a star”.

“That didn’t hit me at all. I opened the doors and opened my mind,” he reflects. “With the Athletic I lived for everyone I think we won one of the most difficult championships in the history of football. We competed against the best clubs in the world in what is probably the toughest competition in the world and we were champions.”

But not everything is success. “In my life I lost two finals”, the match of the final of 2014 Champions League and before the final high school exam. They both made me sad and made me cry a lot.”

Luis Enriquebeside Fatih Terim Y Diego SimeonThey changed my view of football. They’ve been someone I really love for opening me up to completely different ideas both in playing and thinking about the game.”


For his part, the Atletico Madrid He responded with a message on social networks in which he reviewed his rojiblanco numbers: “Four seasons (2011-2015), 178 official matches, one League, a Europa League, a European Super Cup, a Copa del Rey and a Spanish Super Cup. Thank you so much for all the wonderful moments you gave us!”

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Source: La Verdad


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