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Remco Evenepoel was achieved in Lap a great victory at his young age (22 years old), in the Belgian’s eighth victory since 1977 with Freddy Maertens. Youngsters also go on grand tours, including John Ayuso3rd with 19 years, and a Carlos Rodríguez (21) who finished in the top 10, reduced by the fall at the end, we have a very good generational change. Also highlight the second square of Enrique More, who was best in the uphill sections, in the mountain stages, by a little, in Remco Evenepoel. But it turned out very well. There was nothing he could do and repeated the Balearic second place.

Evenepoel judged to be the best of all high finishes, of all climbs that were in the early part of Lap, is when he is the best compared to his rivals. He then finished the differences in the two time trials, especially in the individual, where he got 1’51” in Enrique More and 2’17” to John Ayuso, really made all the difference he did to Enric Mas. Then on Pandera Y Sierra Nevada, is where Remco had a worse time compared to Mas, losing 20 seconds to Enric in the first and 36 in Sierra Nevada; These are the days in which some seasons bear fruit. The rest became the best.

Also highlight the performance of the winners of the most stages, crazy petersen Y Richard Carapazwith three stages each with regularity and mountain jerseys, and the great victories of the Spanish Jesus Herrada Y Mark Solerin addition the Catalan had an award for fighting and was omnipresent in almost all escapes of Lap.

Through teams, the U.A.E It was the best in every way, without a doubt, and we witnessed a historic event like the farewell of a great cyclist like Alexander Valverde, the last rider of a great decade of our cycling who will be leaving with him today. We should be happy because, as I said at the beginning, the renewal of cycling is underway, as seen in the historic milestone of John Ayuso with third place. It is clear that a generational change is underway.

Source: La Verdad


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