Lobo Carrasco: “Not even with the best move of the match”



This is not a final, it is to find out who is leading and which team is in better condition. Night for the brave.

Of the two elevens the most important, while waiting to see how they position themselves on the pitch, are Marcos Alonso and Upamecano. And now yes, where will they play Koundé Y Araujo?; Ymusic?

Start with some errors at the start of the game Barcelona but quickly, on the Bayern field to move and investigate where the area with the ball will enter Neuer. Araujo central, Koundé lateral and played inside for a clear chance that Peter who doesn’t score a goal because he shoots in the middle. Unemployment Neuerwas injured Pavard (Mazraoui) and still want the blaugrana.

The set of Xavi so bold and offensive that makes up two more chances, at Robert Lewandowski, but the German goalkeeper blocked both shots almost at point-blank range. twenty five minutes of a Barcelona outstanding…in the absence of a goal.

Before reaching the break, Barça played a position to recover the energy. The most dangerous thing is not to make mistakes in hot (defensive) zones because the Nagelsmann they were able to attack 4, 5 or 6 players if Davis go up


Goretzka on the field and started again with a clean left foot raphinha pasture, outside, the left post of Neuer. answered the Bayern with his own right hand Goretzka cleared by Ter Stegen in the corner…

The corner kick is 1-0, header from Lucas Hernandez seeing the clearance at the first post, and the local rebound, the 2-0 in an internal race of i got better avoiding the exit, and right foot, of Ter Stegen. Minutes of blaugrana confusion made by the injustice of the numerator.

The match was ugly but it was an opportunity to see the character and personality of the Blaugrana team. the input of Frankie de Jong returned the attacking inertia but to Bayern he did well by activating his counterattack football. I repeat, despite not playing well with Barcelona in many phases of the match, they ALWAYS manage to put multiple players involved in the attack.


Yesterday two players were about to change the final victory of Bayern: Lewandowski Y Peter. Two category players despite the unhappy night.

When the player from Tenerife put together another amazing technical action, they gave the ball back to him but in a one-on-one against the German goalkeeper, it hit the post! Every chance wasted at this highest level of football, a huge cost.

The defense suffered and when Busquets have to run back many meters, problem.

The Barcelona It was lights out in the first period but not getting a goal was a psychological victory as they reached the break. The team is growing and this loss will serve to straighten it out. The most important thing is to evolve until you get full battles. In League Y Championsthe blow.

Source: La Verdad


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