Cal or Athletic’s sand against Rayo?


Escape from self-satisfaction for 10 points in five games, indisputable merit, let’s put on the table other types of data and weighty arguments: on the strength, on the roller that we have been guests against the lesser opponent, let’s add a vulnerability as a local reflection caller. A solitary goal in three games. For this reason, one point against is enough for La Catedral to fly many points. Against inferior teams, like the ones we overwhelmed on the outside.

There will be those who only want to see one of the facets, those who will say about our situation in current football and “the limits of our philosophy” and those who will emphasize that in a more than favorable calendar, five out of six points in arguing against teams below us (at the end of the League we will see) like Espanyol and Mallorca. Both positions are true.

Valverde was able to give the first brushstroke in his third period in charge of the first team in a context of a very favorable calendar and without the pressure of complicated games, or qualifying squeezes. And you have to take advantage of it. For what may come.

On Saturday night and good time to go and fill La Catedral, el Rayo. Yes, Andoni Iraola’s Ray. A Rayo Vallecano who, as recently promoted, visited us last season leaving us cold when a Vietnam veteran, back to all, in a terrible defensive game of those who attract anyone, won the 95. Ten years later Falcao again.

With the benefits of the calendar coming to an end, Rayo and Almería are games to add three to what may come later. Athletic, you will not fail! Although the infirmary was busy and worried, everything had to be given in the last effort before the rest of the national team.

Among the doubts, due to Vivian’s injury, the defense axis was resolved. Then it remains to be seen if Txingurri will continue to believe in the Muniain-Sancet tandem before a Dani García who benefited from Vesga’s absence. We also have to look at whether we bet at home on a born center forward or insist on Iñaki Williams’ card as a theoretical nine. For taste, the colors. But, since today’s football allows games to be turned around thanks to five changes, I’ll bet on an old-fashioned battering ram.

I cannot deny my relationship with Asier Villalibre, whom I want to see continuously. Guruzeta or Iñaki, in case things don’t work out. My bet at home and against a rival like Rayo, is that.

And in the engine room, from the ignorance of those who only give their opinion as a novice: it is difficult to see suitable and collateral goods in the Muniain-Sancet duo. Many of us do not see it, and less so at the moment where our rivals have a different profile than the current Cádiz or Elche.


Waiting for Ander Herrera, a player with different qualities like Zarraga or Vencedor with only one of the above, and Dani or Vesga at the time, is an option to consider. We hope that San Mamés is a cauldron and after doing our homework we sleep in the positions of Champions. This is the moment!

If nothing goes wrong, here in seven days.

Source: La Verdad


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