0-1: Espiau’s goal in the 91st minute gives Ponferradina three points at Albacete


A header from Edu Espiau in the 91st minute gave this Sunday three points to a Ponferradina which is less than Albacete in a match that ends conditioned by the elimination of Riki in 78.

Before the confrontation, four points separated the two teams with different goals, as the local team, recently promoted, had the goal of consolidating itself in Secondwhile the berciana squad designed a team to aim to enter the promotion stage in First.

But the beginning so far has been more positive for a Albacete who achieved ten points against a Ponferradina which came after chaining three consecutive defeats that cast doubts on the Leonese club.

The stormy start of the white team surprised the team from Berciano and almost resulted in a goal, which was avoided by a helpful and agile. Makaridzewho deflected a header from Fuster with one hand, which he kicked over the goal line with just five minutes to go.

Ten minutes later Juanma scored in an action by fuster which left him alone in front of the Georgian goalkeeper, who this time caught from above, but Amo headed over as the goal was being sung in the stands Carlos Belmonte.

Makaridze was filed on the next occasion Juanmawho, in heads-up, this time abused the power to try to beat the visiting goalkeeper (m.20) who successfully deflected the powerful shot.

The Albacete clearly dominated a first action where controversy arose about half an hour into the game when the referee Moreno Aragon the clasped hands stopped Juanma together Makaridze to call a foul and show the yellow card to Amo, not leaving the law of advantage and harming the local team.

after a break Alvaro Rodríguez enjoyed a good opportunity after receiving in the service area of Michael Table which is the exterior Burgos wasted by throwing away the purpose of the visit.

He continues to dominate quite clearly a Albacete wherein Makaridze stopped again as he quickly deflected a header from Michael Table (minute 54) bringing despair to the bench of Rubén Albés.

La Ponferradina is a mirage of offensive team that has been amazed in the first two days of the league, not shooting on goal, and that appeared when Riki saw a straight red card in the 74th minute for a tackle Erik Moran.

In minute 82, orange tree He had the best chance for the visiting team with a shot from the edge of the area that touched the side of the net and, in the 88th minute, Bernabé got an accurate shot from the same striker from Berciano.

A precise center Paris Adot with the head of Edu Espiau the Canarian attacker was allowed to lose in the 91st minute Barnabas and ended Albacete’s undefeated band at home, unable to cope with the result with ten players.

Source: La Verdad


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